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Breaking Out: How Far Can We Go?

Since our inception in early 2015, we have grown to fourteen locations, all in the North Carolina "Triangle" (Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill form a map triangle for any readers not from our area). Last week I traveled 83 miles to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Winston-Salem and reached agreement to install a Little WORLD Charity display there in late September. With this beach head in the "Triad" (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point), I expect that we'll get more locations wanting displays in that area. A new frontier.

That begs that question of "how far can we go?" Before COVID hit in late 2019, Oie Osterkamp, the Director of the RMH in Durham, asked me if I planned to take the charity nationally, or internationally. The idea was so alien to me that my mind started calculating on if that would be even possible. The COVID shut downs temporarily broke our stride but we're back in business. Now, Oie's simple statement of belief in us is a cherished hope that is growing more practical each day.

Since we are expanding the circle of display rotation 83 miles, we logically can go another 83 and another. A few volunteers who live in these areas will be required; I'll be working on seeking them out. The songs "California, Here I Come" and the hipper "London Calling" by The Clash come to mind. Why not contact me and help make it a reality, a legacy more important than gold that you gift to thousands (millions?) of children?

Thanks for reading,

Tim Gabriel

(919) 215-3292

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