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Call Tim at (919) 215-3292 for an exploratory, friendly discussion of our needs and of your creative ideas on new ways to join us as a volunteer.  We want every volunteer to have a great, stress-free experience.

Roles & Responsibilities

Display Builder

A miniature craft person willing to make a finely-detailed display. For example, designing a layout, then carving styrofoam to hide figurine and tree bases, creating fun scenes and some simple hills or staircases. The charity will provide/procure all of the contents. This would be done at your home.

Display Installation

Every three months we need a helper for two days to go with Tim in his van and rotate displays.

Website Development & Support

The website needs fresh pictures of kids enjoying displays. If you like taking pictures and saying hello to parents and their children (to ask for guardian approval to take the picture), then we certainly can use your help.

Scout Out New Locations

Help us get into new locations. Contact your favorite hospital or library and be our emissary in getting their interest in letting us put in a display (at no cost or obligation).

Board of Directors

Volunteer to join our Board of Directors. We meet twice a year for an hour, and we also have quick one-on-one calls on new ideas several times a year.

How to Sign Up a Location

Simply call Tim Gabriel at (919) 215-3292 to discuss this. The charity serves, at no cost, non-profit organizations (e.g. hospitals, libraries) that have lots of child foot traffic. We may not be able to put a display at your location immediately due to resource limitations, but we always plan to expand and do more good.

Support as a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you’d have Tim’s complete support and help since we are such a small organization. We want any volunteers to have a wonderful experience that leverages their skills and interests, and that provides meaningful progress for Little WORLD Charity.

How to Build a Display

If you want to exercise your creative side, you can volunteer to help create a display. The charity will provide the funding for the materials/content, and will also guide the selection of a theme to ensure the resulting display is child-friendly and inclusive. You don’t need to be an artist but you should take pride in your workmanship, trying to make the work realistic and beautiful. Check out this video for more information.

How Cases are Rotated

Every three months we need a helper to assist in rotating displays from one location to another around the Triangle. The purpose is to give kids something new to look at each given hospital or library. Tim uses his personal van so you would just ride along and help him move displays in and out, using a dolly. A display can weight up to 80 pounds so if you can hold 40 pounds for a half a minute, you’re capable. Check out this video for more information.   

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