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Schools's In

Little WORLD Charity has been working to drive the charity to not be so dependent upon yours truly, Tim Gabriel. My dream is to have the charity continue to thrive and grow after I am no longer involved. To that end I have advertised to, and gotten agreement from, several groups or individuals who are interest in making a display (up to now I have made all 21 of them). This is encouraging.

Today I received agreement from the art students and teacher at Excelsior Classical Academy, in Durham, to make a display. The teacher also gained agreement for the charity to add the school to our display rotation, making them location seventeen. I can see us adding more schools down the road, with art students having the joy of having their work bringing smiles to tens of thousands of kids (of all ages) for many years ahead. Perhaps an annual display competition among participating schools?

Some other exciting news. we also have agreement from another teacher to make, with her special needs students contributing, an aquarium display. We also have a very talented Origami artist working on making the pieces for an Origami display. And we have two other individuals interested in using their creative side.

We continue to be blessed with good people coming into our path.

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