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New, Special Friends

A lady named Sharon Holloman wrote to me recently, to say how much her grandson, Caleb Jackson, enjoys our displays, and to donate his collection of miniature toys. Her eloquent words about the effect we have on Caleb and so many other children mean as much to me as our largest dollar donation.

This thank you is special because Caleb is special. He has a rare form of cancer that the doctors are still trying to figure out how to best treat. He's had two surgeries so far. Sharon mentioned that specialists are flying in from Europe to study the case since it is so unusual. However, there is hope and when I met Caleb, the day before Thanksgiving, he was at a UNC clinic in Raleigh receiving an infusion. This youngster's care is so entensive that he has see Little WORLD displays at three different locations.

Caleb loves to build things, as you can see in the photos. So Little WORLD Charity gifted him a book about the construction of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and two identical asusement park rides that he assembled: one for him to keep and one that we'll proudly display, with his name, in one of our NC State Fair cases.

So, the charity and I are blessed to have two new friends; friends for life, since I have no doubt we'll always stay in touch with this inspirational young man and his grandma.

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